Nina Rabinowitz

Nina Rabinowitz is a data researcher, (alleged) math genius, yoga teacher, and co-host at The Borderliners Podcast. Originally from Inglewood, NJ, Nina has been living in Jerusalem for the past three years. She is obsessed with sweets, exploring Jerusalem’s many interesting communities, and sightseeing. She also studies epidemiology and public health at Tel Aviv university and has contributed original insights into Jerusalem’s feral cat population.

Daniel Rosehill

Daniel Rosehill is a ghostwriter whose last bylined piece of authorship was a blog about leaving Jerusalem which he hereby retracts. He goes to elaborate lengths to avoid leaving digital breadcrumbs to his legion online escapades and ventures so can neither confirm nor deny any further details about himself — except to affirm that he is working on a scintillating book about guerilla marketing that will be published some time next year.

Audio Director

Ben Wallick

Ben Wallick is a music producer and mixing engineer based out of Jerusalem, Israel. He strives to help musicians find their voice, sound their best and navigate the murky waters of musicianship in the digital era. Born in New York, Ben currently resides in the Arnona neighborhood of Jerusalem with his wife and son where he hopes to continue to expand his career with various new and exciting projects.

Support Staff

Sam Schubert (Creative Assistant and Inspiring Human)

A modern day Renaissance Man, Sam Schubert is the founder of Fckplstc. Sam came up with the idea for the show name and provides creative guidance when he is not running his reusable straw startup, acting, or surfing. He was our first interviewee. Sam fights hard to resist the moniker “bamboo boy” but knows deep down that he is waging a futile battle.

Jonathan Friedlander (Remote Mixer Setting Diagnostician)

Few audio engineers are talented enough to remotely diagnose mixer settings via a WhatsApp video call with intermittent Golan Telecom-quality reception. Jonathan Friedlander is one such rare talent.

We also wish to acknowledge the kind support of:

Hannah Schneiderman (Graphic designer)

Dan Shiung (Podcast mascot and moral bedrock)

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