S01E03: Eli Schabes: Who Is The Man Behind The Mask?

One of Jerusalem’s edgiest and most unpredictable musical acts, Eli Schabes’ post-aliyah journey has seen him propelled from the fair plains of Cleveland, Ohio to Besarabia, a Russian-dominated bar and live entertainment stronghold in Jerusalem that is underground in both the literal and metaphorical sense. 

Eli’s “MazGan” routine, part music, part live art, part  ….  we don’t know what … has won him appearances and plaudits both inside and outside of Israel.

But for Schabes — who has done everything from work a graphics design job at a company that once sold sex toys on the internet to work as  a day-jobber serving water to the Israeli national basketball team — this is but another colorful stop on his meandering trajectory.

In this his first podcast interview, Eli takes off the mask and unveils the personality behind MazGan.

He talks candidly about reconciling his traditional Jewish upbringing with his career in entertainment, shares some of his colorful reading habits, and previews some of his next big shows. And, most importantly, he explains how he rediscovered spirituality — and wellness — somewhere along the way. 

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“Jack of All Trades” / The Jerusalem Post

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