S01E01: Sam Schubert, Founder, Fckplstc

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About the Interview

A veritable Renaissance Man of modern times*, Sam Schubert is the founder of Fckplstc (thefckplstc.com; reusable replacements to single-use plastics), an actor, and a former fintech cofounder.

As our inaugural guest on The Borderliners Podcast, Sam shared his journey from Dayton, Ohio to Jerusalem, including his love for small business, a serendipitous real estate deal he struck in the Trump Tower in Chicago, and the brain injury which spurred his interest in sustainable alternatives to single use plastics.

What We Talk About

  • Sam’s brain injury (03:03)
  • Israel’s plastic problem (08:02)
  • Sam’s acting career (21:00)
  • Naked b’Nefesh (25:10)
  • Time in LA working with celebrity producers (29:45)
  • James Lipton round (40:05)
  • Nahlaot bread birds (45:40)
  • Sam brazenly denies Daniel’s Mizrahi heritage (52:15)
  • Haredi protesters


Jerusalem street cat density

“Prof. Yoram Yom-Tov of the Zoology Department at Tel Aviv University also criticized the initiative.

“It’s really crazy,” he told Haaretz. “The density of cats in Jerusalem is the highest ever recorded anywhere in the world — about 2,000 cats per square kilometer. That’s around 1,000 times the density of cats in the wild. The more cats are fed, the more cats there will be.””


Per capita plastic consumption

According to Israel Aviav, co-founder and CEO of WinPac, Israelis consume the largest number of plastic cups in the world on a per capita basis. Based on his experience, he said, Israelis use more than 250 million plastic cups and more than 12 million paper cups per month. “Every office, every kiosk, every doctor’s clinic, they all use plastic cups,” he said.


Find Out More About Sam and Fckplstc

– For more about Sam Schubert and Fckplstc, visit thefckplstc.com
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